Discovering the new cover for ‘Gully Potchard’

My new book, The Dangerous Discoveries of Gully Potchard, will be out in six weeks. And it has a brand new cover. This is the da-da-daaah! moment. (It took me at least two minutes to decide how best to spell that.)

Beady-eyed readers will have spotted that there was already a cover image out and about for this book. It was red and flame-yellow. But the team at OUP Children’s had second thoughts and came up with something far more spectacular. The cover of a book is so important: it’s crucial to get it as right as it can be. There’s still a dog, a sinister baddie, and a hatchet involved. But now it’s a stunning night-time blue and there’s one helluva chase for my hero, Gully, an ordinary boy who finds himself in extraordinary circumstances.

The Dangerous Discoveries of Gully Potchard by Julia lee, Oxford University Press, cover image


9 thoughts on “Discovering the new cover for ‘Gully Potchard’

  1. Splendid! I’d be attracted by this cover even if I did’t know it was by you. It’s like selling a house — you”ve got to get the buyer through the door so they van appreciate it.

    • It’s called ‘kerb appeal’ with a house. (Although now we can do virtual house tours on-line that’s not quite so important.) Don’t know the term for books – there must be one.

      • Sadly one can’t always judge kerb appeal online — as being in the process of trying to sell up and attract viewings tells us — and so it is with books online f

      • *touched wrong part of screen, damn!*
        and so it is for me with books: I prefer the total sensual experience of books, not just the viewing. You’re right, there ought to be, must be, an equivalent of kerb appeal for books… *touches correct part of screen*

  2. I absolutely love it Julia! And great endorsement (not sure what the publishing term is for this!) from KR too! x

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