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The next Nancy Parker mystery is out now.

Nancy Parker’s Spooky Speculations


Nancy Parker thinks her luck is in when she finds a new job in an old house by the sea. But strange noises and ghostly appearances soon set her dusting off her detective skills. And who better to help her than her old friend, Ella Otter?

But what spooky secrets will they find as they delve into the mystery?

Who (or what) is making the mysterious creaks and thumps that only Nancy seems to hear? Does someone (or something) want the out of the house? And what dangers do the dark, dank cellars hold?

“Nancy Parker is a heroine to root for!” Katherine Woodfine, author of The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow.

“A fun and engaging romp that will keep you guessing at the many clues and revelations along the way.” Booktrust

“Readers will be delighted to make the acquaintance of Nancy Parker, bright young maid and experienced sleuth… Thoroughly satisfying and just the kind of book to kindle a life-long appreciation of crime fiction.” Lovereading4kids

First in the Nancy Parker mystery series …

Nancy Parker's Diary of Detection by Julia Lee, Oxford Children's Books

Read the opening chapters here

I plan to have a very exciting future now that I have thrown off the SHACKLES OF SCHOOL! A detective is what I would most like to be. I cannot think of any reason why I could not be one. Except perhaps I am too young. And I don’t like blood.

When Nancy Parker gets her first position as a housemaid to the very modern Mrs Bryce, it’s not exactly her dream job – she’d rather be out and about solving mysteries. But she soon discovers that there are plenty of mysteries right on her doorstep. Who is sneaking about stealing silver and jewels? What is Cook’s dark secret? And, most thrilling of all, could Mrs Bryce be mixed up in murder?

Join Nancy and chums in the fashionable seaside resort of Seabourne in the summer of 1920. A rollicking tale of maidservants, mystery and murder! Or, to put it another way, secret messages, sausage dogs, and a diary that holds a store of valuable evidence.

‘Intrepid housemaid-turned detective Nancy Parker is a heroine to root for!’ Katherine Woodfine, author of The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow.

‘One to put under the microscope of your budding Holmes.’ Children’s Book of the Week, The Times, 27 February 2016.

‘The historical setting adds fun detail to this mysterious romp with our hardy heroine Nancy Parker. She’s a daydreamer, but a hard worker – and her diary entries are full of endearing doodles and ‘guestimate’ spellings. A host of other fun characters add sparkle and mischief to this dastardly drama.’ Booktrust.

‘A great read that I would definitely recommend to parents, for this tricky age-range, when pupils are still finding genres that appeal. Also some great examples of diary and informal writing in Nancy’s Journal that could be analysed together in class. Pupils will love Nancy, Ella and Quentin as they will be able to relate to each of them in some way for their quirky characteristics. Nancy is sure to win over any child and indeed adult who HATES spelling! As a huge fan of this genre, I look forward to more of Nancy Parker’s adventures.’

‘The pace is terrific and Julia Lee knows how to keep her readers on tenterhooks. I look forward to Nancy’s further adventures.’ Historical Novel Society.

‘Julia Lee holds the reins of this tale in expert hands and there’s a real confidence in the mystery genre on show. It’s a perfect read for any children who enjoy mysteries and adventure and it steers clear from anything too disturbing or gory. Budding detectives will love this tale and I’m sure be entirely captivated by it’s rousing heroine Nancy Parker.’ Middle Grade Strikes Back.

‘I loved it because it reminded me of all the books I read avidly as a child, as well as it being a real page turner.  The book is perfect for independent readers, both boys and girls, aged 7 to 12.’ Making Them Readers.

‘Full of intrigue, suspicious characters and some very clever, observant children, this story is a total delight.’ BookloverJo’s book blog.

The Dangerous Discoveries of Gully Potchard by Julia lee, Oxford University Press, cover image

An improbable hero, a spine-tingling adventure, and a surprising twist of fate.

Meet Gully Potchard here

Gully Potchard never meant to cause any trouble. He’s just an ordinary boy… at least, that’s what he thinks. But when an old acquaintance comes knocking, it isn’t long before Gully is tangled up in a mess of mischief and skulduggery. Cats and dogs vanish, a child is kidnapped, and ransom notes go to the wrong people! But as a storm rages and a fire blazes, Gully discovers he has an extraordinary skill which might just make him an unlikely hero after all…

Rich in atmosphere and with a great cast of characters, this is an exciting Victorian adventure in which the unexpected can always happen! Julia Lee creates a vivid world and weaves a gripping story through it. – Julia Eccleshare, LoveReading4Kids.

A funny and exciting story filled with original characters . Perfect for 9 – 12 year olds looking for something a little different. – Waterstones Bookseller

Shortlisted for Cumbrian Primary Schools Book Awards 2015.

The Mysterious Misadventures of Clemency Wrigglesworth

‘A magificent madcap book. Julia Lee is like an anarchic Frances Hodgson Burnett’ – Katherine Rundell, author of the award-winning Rooftoppers.

‘Dahl meets Dickens in this rollicking tale.’ Teach Primary

The Mysterious Misadventures of Clemency Wrigglesworth was short-listed for

Booktrust Best Book Awards 2014Stockport Children’s Book Awards 2014, Oldham Brilliant Books 2014, Rotherham Children’s Book Awards 2014, Burgess Hill’s Best Book Award 2014, Waverton Good Reads Children’s Award 2013-14 and was long-listed for the Branford Boase Award 2014 for the outstanding debut children’s novel of  the year.

Read an extract here: The Mysterious Misadventures of Clemency Wrigglesworth

I’d urge you to support independent booksellers and the high street by shopping at your local bookshop. Find your nearest one here. Or you can still shop locally online and order my book through the Hive network:  Read about Hive here: why are we different? But not everyone can do that, so you can buy from Amazon here.

What children think of The Mysterious Misadventures of Clemency Wrigglesworth:

Best Book Awards reviews:

‘I love this book it is amazing i dont want to stop reading it!!!!!!! it is the best book i have ever read and i like it when it leaves cliffhangers at the end of every chapter. I want to read it over and over again when I have finished it!!!!!!’ Chloe, aged 10.

‘I absolutely loved this book!!! A really good story with a lot of twists which kept me guessing till the end (and still guessing till the afterword!) Marnie, aged 11

‘The book is very good, in that it can hook you in straight away.  It is a thrilling mystery book with adventure and fun in it.’ Charlotte, aged 12.

‘I am glued to it like a bear with honey on its paws!’ Olivia, aged 10.

‘I like this book because its adventurous and mysterious. It’s got a lot of humor in it.’  Harry, aged 10.

See Reviews page for more…


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