Happy Birthday Rainbow Library!!

This is a project close to my heart, as I used to run a book and toy library for very young children with all sorts of developmental difficulties (not that that made a difference, they were children first of all) and know the fun and thrill and pleasure of introducing a small person to a book they are going to be intrigued by and really enjoy. And setting up a love for, and confidence with, books in future…

Rhino Reads

Woooo! One year old! The Rainbow Library was created a year ago today for International Book Giving Day 2013. And now there are 4 of them!!!

Thank you for all the support and encouragement – and books – along the way. It means a huge amount to me. And most importantly, to the children who use the Rainbow Libraries.

For IBGD this year, Rainbow Library 1 has had a bit of a makeover and lots of new books.

I’m also releasing a secret weapon over there. More about that in a mo’.

The second Rainbow Library is still receiving parcels from you lovely lot, so didn’t need any extra books from me. Thank you everyone! But I’m not leaving Rainbow Library 2 out. For their IBGD celebrations I have finally finished some story sacks which will be going straight to Gem’s library for her children to enjoy when they get…

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