Reading together: building memories, shared jokes, and a family shorthand.

‘I always wanted to be a writer. Some of my earliest memories are about telling myself made-up stories as I played. And I was an avid reader.

Although it’s wonderful to sink into the world of a book all on your own and tune out everyone around you, finding you love the same novel as someone else, or being able to recite favourite bits of a story together make a real bond…’

You can read the rest of my guest blog for Reading Force here.

Reading Force is an initiative that brings British forces children and families closer together through sharing books. I was very excited when The Mysterious Misadventures of Clemency Wrigglesworth was chosen as one of their 2014 recommended books. If you need any inspiration you can find a range of fab books for children of all ages on their latest list of recommended reads here.

Alice In Wonderland by George Leslie Dunlop

Alice In Wonderland, a painting by George Leslie Dunlop 1879

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