Featured Author of the Month on ReadingZone

September finds me featured by ReadingZone as their Author of the Month. There’s a competition on the Children’s Zone where you can win a free copy of The Mysterious Misadventures of Clemency Wrigglesworth by telling them the name of your favourite story that’s set in the past:


and you can read an interview with me here:


ReadingZone is a brilliant website, full of news about books and great ideas for reading, from littlies to YA. Well, I would say that, wouldn’t I??


4 thoughts on “Featured Author of the Month on ReadingZone

  1. Lovely interview, Julia! Seeing that you live in Sussex I wondered how familiar you are with Joan Aiken’s work even though you don’t reference her. She’s associated with Rye and Petworth which, though I haven’t visited either of these place, seem to suggest themselves in so many of her stories. Like you she’s of the make-it-up school but there’s a central truth about nearly every short story she’s written that I’ve read.

    • Joan Aiken is one of my ultimate writing hero(in)es. I particularly love the Dido Twite books. How could I have left her out? Or maybe the editing of a 45-minute chat into a short written piece meant she fell by the wayside…
      Although she is no longer around there is a great, rather retro website devoted to her which talks about her Sussex roots and inspirations. http://www.joanaiken.com/ There’s even a film of her talking about her books and walking on the South Downs. http://www.joanaiken.com/pages/funstuff_movie.html
      This reminds me that I must find and re-read The Cuckoo Tree.

      • Oh, I’m so pleased you’re a fan! The website run by her daughter Lizza is one of the best and most engaging I’ve seen and should be a lot better known. Lizza also runs an occasional blog http://joanaiken.wordpress.com/ which also ought to be much better known.

        By the way, although I was born in West Sussex, in Littlehampton, I haven’t been back there since I was six months old, but I must do especially as the Downs are now a National Park.

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