Here be stories…

Hidden gems of stories in my writer's notebooks

Hidden gems inside these notebooks…?

I have numerous notebooks filled with observational jotting and part-written stories. Some are tiny and portable, some generous A-4 sized for generous open-minded writing. I can’t throw them away: there might be a gem hidden in there somewhere, even if the writing is almost impossible to read. And I can’t help acquiring more.

Read about my stationery addiction in my recent blogpost for Jerasjamboree:

2 thoughts on “Here be stories…

  1. In a similar vein, when I taught classroom music I used to advise students never to throw away (or delete, if it was on computer) any composing they’d done, even if it seemed to be going nowhere.

    Quite apart from my irritation when they screwed up work to throw away when there was only the slightest problem — a sheer waste of manuscript paper — I tried to persuade them that every motif, idea, harmony had the potential to be extended or even incorporated in another composition, whether the well inspiration appeared to dry up. A small proportion of students even believed me.

    I suspect the same is true of the writing process.

  2. I’ve never thought of that in relation to music, but I’m sure it’s true. I tell students that if something doesn’t seem to want to turn into a story perhaps it might work if developed as a poem or a piece of dialogue or…? So easy to delete unsatisfactory stuff on a computer, but then equally easy to save into an ‘ideas’ or ‘fragments’ file, and open a new document.

    Or are we just being ridiculous over-anxious hoarders of things we will never look at again? (You should see my cupboards!)

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